Walkthrough of the game(Simple Jump & Simple Run) from level 1 to level 10

The game - Simple Jump & Simple Run has relase in App Store(Apple). Now, let's start to demo how to play it. Today, we demo it from level 1 to level 10.


In fact, the first level to the tenth level belong to the teaching level in the whole game. Mainly used to demonstrate the props and basic gameplay in the game

let's see the demo.

In order to save the time for everyone to watch, we speeded up the video playback speed. In fact, when the game just started, the player's speed was not so fast.

level 1

In the first level, the game introduces two enemies, the first is a gear, and the second is a bee. Don’t let them touch, otherwise it will damage your health.

Simple Jump & Simple Run Level 1

The gear is fixed on the ground, you need to jump over it. Be careful of the bees, some bees will hit you

level 2

In the second level, the game introduces gold coins, which you have to collect as much as possible. The more gold coins, the higher the final score.

Simple Jump & Simple Run Level 2

level 3

In the third level, there are two layers of ground in the game. The props in each layer are different. Players can choose different paths, so they may face different difficulties and different benefits (gold coins).

Simple Jump & Simple Run Level 3

level 4

A five-pointed star appeared in the fourth level. The player can form protection after receiving the five-pointed star, and enemies (gears, bees, etc.) will not cause damage to the player. And the player's speed will also increase.

Simple Jump & Simple Run Level 4

level 5

In the fifth level, two very interesting props appeared, one is a spring and the other is a treasure chest. The spring will not harm the player's health. Whenever it hits the spring, the player will be quickly bounced to a high height, which will attract a lot of adventures :), the treasure chest will not harm the player, and the items in the treasure chest It's not the same, some add gold coins, and some add health.

Simple Jump & Simple Run Level 5

level 6

The sixth level can be said to be an enhanced version of the fifth level. Players will encounter a spring formation. Of course, this spring formation is full of treasure chests. How many gold coins can be received or how much health can be increased depends on the player's luck.

Simple Jump & Simple Run Level 6

level 7 ~ 8

The seventh and 8th level demonstrates a slightly more complicated multi-layer (two-layer) level. The following multi-level levels are much more complicated than this.

Simple Jump & Simple Run Level 7 and 8

level 9 ~ 10

The 9th and 10th levels introduce the strongest enemy in the game-the bomb. Never touch it, every time you touch it, your health will be reduced by 20.

Simple Jump & Simple Run Level 9

Simple Jump & Simple Run Level 10

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